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Water Rights and Domestic Wells

Considering purchasing a property with water rights?  There a few things you should know. Water is the most fundamental resource that can attach to property and it is subject to court decisions, laws, ordinances, rules, regulations, compacts and private contracts. Albuquerque Business Law can assist you with your water rights.  Title to … [Read More...]

Workplace discrimination

Work is a struggle for many, and it does not help when you are dealing with co-workers, supervisors, management, or administration who constantly harass you or make your life difficult.  This can lead to you quitting or being terminated, for reasons well beyond your control.  Workplace discrimination and hostile work environment are two aspects of … [Read More...]

Well Share Agreements: All’s Well that Ends Well


  It is common for a mini-development plan to consist of a five to ten acre parcel that is split into several smaller lots.  It’s best when well share agreements are in place.  The developer will have one “exempt” domestic water well drilled to serve all of the lots.  In order to remain exempt from regulation the well will serve a small … [Read More...]


Lawyer James Burns | Top Attorney Business … [Read More...]

Kameron Interviews Adriana Stark and Heba Atwa of UNM’s International Business Students Global


2014 - 05 - 31 IBSG KAMERON:         Welcome to 95.9 FM / AM 1600, KIVA, The Rock Of Talk. This is The Legal Side of Business brought to you by Albuquerque Business Law. I’m your host Kameron Kramer, and today we’re joined by Adriana Stark and Heba Atwa. Welcome guys. HEBA:                    Thank you very much for having … [Read More...]