Jeremy Theoret: Albuquerque Business AttorneyJeremy J. Theoret

Albuquerque Attorney with Expertise in Open Records Law, foreclosure defense and Space Law.

The practice of law can stretch from deep in the ground to high above the earth. Jeremy’s focus is on commercial litigation, with expertise in open records law and foreclosure defense. His experience stretches from groundwater to space law. Jeremy uses his skills as a researcher, communicator, and advocate to zealously argue for his clients every step of the way, from pre-trial motions and negotiations to the courtroom.

Jeremy was admitted to the Bar in 2010, and has litigated numerous cases since, with a strong interest in resolutions without trial, such as mediation and arbitration. As a former small business owner, Jeremy knows that his client’s best interest does not usually include a drawn out battle in the court room. Often, his strongly worded complaints produce settlements. He understands the needs, experiences, challenges and concerns of business owners facing the prospect of litigation.

Jeremy is comfortable in the courtroom to fight when necessary. He was a teacher for 15 years before coming to the legal profession and draws from that experience the ability to move a crowd, a jury, a judge, or the opposition. His teaching experience makes him a strong litigator. Jeremy educates the jury as an extraordinary teacher would educate a class of students. He can break down complex legal issues into a persuasive story from his client’s point of view.

In the Magdalena water crisis, Jeremy is advocating on behalf of small businesses that have run out of water. Defending access to such a precious resource in New Mexico is essential. The businesses Jeremy represents needed the experience and knowledge of Albuquerque Business Law to fight back against the mismanagement of the village’s water supply, a single well, and in some cases save their business from the otherwise irreparable loss. Jeremy has met with citizens of Magdalena to develop a plan to prevent a similar water crisis in the future.

Jeremy has extensive experience working with open records requests, an essential pillar supporting transparency in government. The New Mexico Foundation for Open Government recognized his skills with the Dixon Award in 2013 as the best advocate for Open Records Laws that year, based on his work on the Billy the Kid Case. The Billy the Kid Case is an important open records case that exemplifies the quality of work that Albuquerque Business Law provides to get its client’s the information they are entitled to under open records laws.

New Mexico is in a unique position to pioneer a relatively new area of law because of the Space Port. Jeremy is prepared to take advantage of his knowledge of space law to help launch new businesses in this industry. He sold NASA memorabilia as a small business owner and was naturally drawn to the development of Space Law as it applies to business interests. The influx of private businesses into space exploration is an opportunity for innovation in the commercialization of space.

Jeremy’s diverse legal interests range from ground water rights to space law, and his passion about his work gets results for his clients.

Educational Background

  • University of New Mexico School of Law (Juris Doctor cum laude)
  • St. Michael’s College (M.Ed.)
  • St. Michael’s College (B.A. in Sociology and Political Science)

Jeremy received the Lewis R. Sutin Award for Excellence in Trial or Appellate Advocacy, and also received Clinical Honors.


  • New Mexico Foundation for Open Government Dixon Award “2013 Best Advocate for Open Records Laws”