Kameron Kramer. Intellectual property attorney, IP litigation, copyrights, trademarks.Kameron W. Kramer

Some law firms turn your invention into a patent. At Albuquerque Business Law, P.C., we turn your invention into a business.

Kameron W. Kramer is licensed to practice law in New Mexico, as well as before the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a registered Patent Attorney.

Kameron has technical expertise gained from his work as an engineer in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries, both international and domestic.  His legal focus is on intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets, and business law, specifically business formations, general counsel to existing businesses, and litigation. Kameron combines his technical and legal expertise to assist his clients in the starting, planning, and development of start-ups, as well as established companies.

Kameron has extensive experience in licensing intellectual property, as well as performing freedom-to-operate, prior art, and validity searches.  He also has extensive experience at drafting and prosecuting patent applications, having worked on patents ranging from musical instruments to pharmaceutical compounds to machinery to software.  Kameron places particular emphasis on working closely with his clients in every step of the patent or trademark process in order to ensure that they attain the best results.

Instituting intellectual property into your business can be difficult, whether it’s trademarks, patents, trade secrets, or copyrights.  Even knowing what type of intellectual property you are looking for can be daunting.  Being experienced in business law, Kameron is able to assist clients in the implementation of intellectual property into businesses and, in turn, monetizing the intellectual property.  Return on investment of intellectual property can be huge if done properly.

Kameron’s practice focuses heavily on working with local companies, entrepreneurs, artists, and inventors.  New Mexico has some really innovative businesses and individuals.  Albuquerque Business Law’s goal is to assist those people and businesses and provide sound legal advice, without putting them out of business.

Our goal is to grow with our clients, not to hinder that growth.

Educational Background

  • University of New Mexico School of Law (Juris Doctor)
  • Texas Tech University (BS in Chemical Engineering)

Kameron’s work on a business plan for a company dedicated to the desalination of brackish water won him the vSpring Capital Prize in the 2009 UNM Business Plan Competition. Additionally, Kameron received the Dean’s Award for Significant Contribution to the Law School Community.

Kameron previously taught a class entitled, “Legal Issues in Digital Arts” at UNM Continuing Education and was the host of a weekly radio show entitled, “The Legal Side of Business.”

Kameron was the 2015 Chair of the Intellectual Property Section of the State Bar of New Mexico.

Kameron is a Rising Star as rated by Super Lawyers in 2015 and 2016.

Utility Patent Applications Drafted and Filed

  • Bicycle Rack System Apparatus and Method of Use: Filed February 11, 2013, currently issuing
  • Apparatus for and Method of Water Delivery: Filed March 4, 2013
  • Method and Apparatus for Converting Data: Filed March 15, 2013
  • Portable, Doorframe-Mountable Exercise Apparatus and Method of Use: Filed June 26, 2013
  • Waste Removal Device: Filed August 27, 2014
  • Apparatus for Flame Production: Filed May 14, 2015
  • System for Catching and Pumping Produced Water and Oil: Filed August 5, 2015
  • Grain-Free Flour Blend and Method for Making the Same: Filed October 6, 2015

Issued Design Patents

  • Side View Mirror Cover: Issued November 5, 2013, Patent No. US D692,821 S
  • Neck Support: Issued December 16, 2014, Patent No. US D719,662 S
  • Bag Holder: Issued December 23, 2014, Patent No. D720,110