About Patrick J. Griebel

Patrick has represented hundreds of clients in a wide variety of practice areas. Outside of the practice of law, Patrick J. Griebel started and successfully managed businesses of his own, focusing on New Mexico’s abundant renewable energy resources. Patrick has also advised and managed start-ups, as well as established businesses in business planning, business organization, marketing, sales, hiring, and training.

2013 New Mexico Legislature: New Bills That Could Affect Your Business

2013 New Mexico Bills That Could Have an Impact on Your Business

New Mexico Legislature that could affect your business. New Mexico legislators gather annually for either a 30 or a 60 day session - and generally stir up trouble and cause mischief! Actually, our … [Read more...]

Dealing with Difficult or Dishonest Clients

Dealing with Difficult or Dishonest Clients

At Albuquerque Business Law, we help small businesses continue and strengthen their successes. For those who have suffered setbacks, we try to help get those businesses back on their feet. For others, … [Read more...]

Business Tip: Traveling with Technology

Lawyers traveling with technology face many technological dicisions

Albuquerque Business Law’s savvy traveling attorney Patrick Griebel tells us what he takes along and what he leaves behind. Traveling with Technology? Lawyers are traveling with an ever growing … [Read more...]

So, You Got Served?

So You Got Served with Court Papers? Now What do You do?

You just got served with a court summons. Now what? This guide will walk you through how to handle a lawsuit - by the numbers. Getting served with a lawsuit isn't typically something that most people … [Read more...]

Renewable Energy Projects in New Mexico: A “Historical” Perspective

History of renewable energy projects in New Mexico

State of the State. Renewable energy projects in New Mexico: a “historical” perspective...if one can call 5 years “historical”. In 2008, I founded 310 Solar with Glenn Gallipoli, a veteran of the … [Read more...]

What Is the “Your Work” Insurance Policy Exclusion, and Why Should You Care?

Construction Law 101: Commercial General Liability and the "Your Work" exclusion policy

If you find yourself faced with the prospect of litigating a construction dispute claim, especially if you are the property owner, there are three things that you should analyze when deciding whether … [Read more...]

Before You Ship that Package with United Parcel Service…

United Parcel Service

The average private shipper probably doesn't know several aspects of the real terms associated with shipping a package with United Parcel Service In fact, there is a lot that most business shippers … [Read more...]

ABL Sponsors “One Last Day of Summer”

One Last Day of Summer

Come celebrate one Last Day of Summer with Albuquerque Business Law! A special happening with music, wine and food. Special guests include Wendy Colonna and La Chat Lunatique. $12-$15. 3 … [Read more...]

The Biggest Loser; Economics of Business Litigation (part 1)

"Economics of Business Litigation" by Patrick J. Griebel

No matter how long one works in a particular profession, the practitioner should always be learning new things about that profession. This is certainly true of legal services where, like many … [Read more...]

‘Get Your Business Online’ Comes to New Mexico

Get your business online in New MExico

Albuquerque Business Law knows the importance of maintaining an online presence. With a website and a blog, one might say that ABL is the Gabby Douglas of the internet. Not every business has the … [Read more...]