Better Business Planning

Businesses don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.

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Assure success with the right combination of business planning and legal documentation. As attorneys and business owners ourselves, Albuquerque Business Law understands that businesses need more than just great legal representation, they need great advice. We strive to deliver both.

Business Plans tailored to you.

Our award-winning business planner Olena Dzubia has helped hundreds of business owners write business plans. Whether you’re just starting or need a fresh perspective on an existing business plan, give us a call. Business planning helps owners put their best foot forward for obtaining financing, attracting top leadership and employees, creating strategic partnerships and approaching outside investors to help your business succeed.

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Corporate Bylaws, written right.

Albuquerque Business Law helps new businesses write corporate bylaws that empower your success. Good bylaws are not only necessary when forming a new corporation, they dictate the operating standards and procedures the business will follow throughout its existence. Unclear bylaws can lead to serious legal problems later as well partnership disagreements.

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Operating Agreements to shield partners from personal liability.

In some ways, the operating agreement is the most important document you possess. It has been our experience that most lawsuits and broken partnerships stem from generalized assumptions, lack of clarity and misunderstandings. A great operating agreement can avoid a lot of legal pain, personal liability and inter-personal upsets.

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Governing Documents to guide the way.

Business plans and governing documents go hand in hand. Albuquerque Business Law can also help draft different types of governing documents, including constitutions, small charity constitutions, rules, trust deeds, articles of association and more.

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Need a Subscription Agreement to help you finance a business?

Albuquerque Business Law can draft subscription agreements to help stock-selling companies, smaller businesses and start-ups secure funding. In the case when entrepreneurs don’t have the resources to go public or work with venture capitalists, they often seek out individual investors. Subscriptions agreements are a binding contract that exchanges a one-time trade of money for a specific number of shares in a company.

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Strategic Planning

Albuquerque Business Law can help define your organization’s strategy. Besides protecting you from the obvious and not so obvious legal implications that can confront a growing business, we assist in developing policies, activities and benchmarks that are critical to strategic planning and expansion.

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Budgeting to create profitability.

Albuquerque Business Law, has plenty of experience helping businesses review and establish operating budgets. Moreover, she can help identify key income-generating activities to move your business from out of the red and into the black.

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Organize your business to improve productivity.

Planning a proper structure and can make an organization run much more effectively and efficiently. While many entrepreneurs are talented at producing products, providing services or possessing a special skill that is highly marketable, the operational structure, roles and functions helps ensure whatever stays profitable.

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