FDIC provides snapshot of New Mexico Economy

New Mexico Economy

As was recently reported in New Mexico Business Weekly by Dennis Domrzalski, the FDIC has prepared a report  providing us with a snapshot of the New Mexico economy during the second quarter of … [Read more...]

New Mexico Bankruptcy Filings

New Mexico Bankruptcy

5,489 New Mexico Bankruptcy Filings for Fiscal 2011. During the twelve months prior to March 2012, there were 5,489 bankruptcy cases filed in New Mexico. Of the total bankruptcy filings, 210 were … [Read more...]

Bankruptcy Adversarial Proceedings and Adversarial Representation

Bankruptcy Adversarial Proceedings

When a person or business files for bankruptcy, it is generally an administrative process. That is, information is gathered, forms are filled out, then there’s a hearing conducted by the bankruptcy … [Read more...]

Las Vegas Overwhelmed by Debt

Las Vegas Bankruptcies

As reported by the Las Vegas Sun, the City of North Las Vegas recently let go approximately 100 city employees. Furthermore, there are plans to cut down on the number of emergency response vehicles … [Read more...]

Nevada Cancer Institute Files for Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy can be a viable solution for businesses and individuals who find themselves owing more than their assets are worth. The Nevada Cancer Institute filed for bankruptcy in 2011.  On May 15 it … [Read more...]

The Vaughan Clawback Phenomenon

In the first two months of this year, the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Albuquerque has experienced an unprecedented onslaught of clawback actions. These actions are arising out the bankruptcies of … [Read more...]

What Can You Lose in a Bankruptcy Filing?

What can you lose in a Bankruptcy filing? If choosing to file for bankruptcy protection, it is important that you are aware of what you can lose. Under the bankruptcy protection act you are able to … [Read more...]

Business Bankruptcies on the Rise in New Mexico

According to a recent Albuquerque Journal article, New Mexico business bankruptcies filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court last year surpassed 50 cases for the first time in nine years. According to that … [Read more...]

Can You Rebuild Your Credit After Filing for Bankruptcy?

Despite what credit card companies want you to believe, anyone who files for bankruptcy CAN rebuild their credit. Our clients who work diligently to immediately start rebuilding their credit after … [Read more...]