Are all corporations evil? Enter the Benefit Corporation.

Ben and Jerry's B Corp Image

A corporation only exists through it agents, so a corporation itself does not have the attributes of people and cannot be evil or good. Corporations are run by people and exist to maximize shareholder … [Read more...]

Business Help in Albuquerque (from the City itself!)

Albuquerque Business Help

Looking for Business Help in Albuquerque (Get it from the City!) The City Council is the legislative body of the city, made up of 9 people, with the executive being the mayor. One things that the … [Read more...]

Should I form an LLC or a Corporation?

should I form an LLC or a Corporation

Deciding to incorporate a business as an LLC or a Corporation is an important decision. When a business incorporates, it shields the owner from liability which is typically the most important reason … [Read more...]

Dealing with Difficult or Dishonest Clients

Dealing with Difficult or Dishonest Clients

At Albuquerque Business Law, we help small businesses continue and strengthen their successes. For those who have suffered setbacks, we try to help get those businesses back on their feet. For others, … [Read more...]

Business Tip: Traveling with Technology

Lawyers traveling with technology face many technological dicisions

Albuquerque Business Law’s savvy traveling attorney Patrick Griebel tells us what he takes along and what he leaves behind. Traveling with Technology? Lawyers are traveling with an ever growing … [Read more...]

How Do You Remove a Member, Shareholder, Director, or Officer from Your Company?

Man Getting Fired

A common question from many of our clients pertains to removing a member, shareholder, director, or officer from your company. How do you remove someone from your company? The first question I … [Read more...]

Before You Ship that Package with United Parcel Service…

United Parcel Service

The average private shipper probably doesn't know several aspects of the real terms associated with shipping a package with United Parcel Service In fact, there is a lot that most business shippers … [Read more...]

Wells Fargo Increases its Market Share in New Mexico

Wells Fargo Increases its Market Share in New Mexico

The Attorneys at Albuquerque Business Law are often asked advice on a wide variety of topics when assisting our clients with business formation or transactions One question that often comes up is the … [Read more...]

‘Get Your Business Online’ Comes to New Mexico

Get your business online in New MExico

Albuquerque Business Law knows the importance of maintaining an online presence. With a website and a blog, one might say that ABL is the Gabby Douglas of the internet. Not every business has the … [Read more...]