Construction Law Attorneys

The attorneys at Albuquerque Business Law, P.C. have represented clients in many facets of construction law, from personal injury defense to construction defect cases, property damage cases, breech of contract and administrative proceedings.

“Construction Law” often involves many different areas of law, but always requires a working understanding of industry practices. Often times, a project is ongoing when disputes arise, and the perfect “legal” solution might be disastrous to preserving the most value in the project. Albuquerque Business Law Attorneys place the clients’ goals ahead of what the textbook legal answer might be. We have represented contractors of various trades, as well as general contractors, architects, and project owners. Albuquerque construction law attorneys know the right experts to call upon, and we know how construction cases of all stripes play out.

  • Commercial construction projects, from the standpoint of various parties (Owners, Architects, Contractors, Subcontractors, Financiers, Bonding Companies, Insurers)
  • Insurance carriers
  • Delay claims, collection matters, lien filings
  • Residential construction project disputes
  • Foreclosures

Construction contracts & disputes

When a construction contract is in question, Albuquerque Business Law has attorneys that are familiar with how a construction contract should be customized according to each individual project.   Let’s say you are a planning to build a home.  There are many aspects to take into consideration when you start the process.  The first and foremost to consider are contracts.  Albuquerque Business Law is here to help you either form contracts for those involved in your project, or review existing contracts and make revisions if necessary.

There are many people involved in the construction of a home or commercial property.  Having solid, straight-forward contracts with all individuals, or companies involved is what we are here to help you with.  Having a construction law attorney is also key in helping you understand all contracts so that you may protect yourself from unnecessary challenges.  One particular challenge you might face would be the responsibility of unforeseen costs.  Most building contracts specify that any unforeseen  construction costs are charged to the homeowner.  If this is the case, you want to be aware of this so you aren’t hit with an exuberant bill unexpectedly.  At Albuquerque Business Law we will walk you through the entire process of understanding your contract so that there are no surprises.

Construction building codes

State building codes are a type of construction law.  These laws have been formulated to protect the building contractor, and those involved in the building process.  A construction law attorney can help you understand these laws.  These codes are listed as a special section in the law, and are in place to set specific guidelines for the builder.  Builders have the ability to place liens on your property if a homeowner refuses to pay their owed amount. Payment complaints can be filed with the local court and the lien is filed with the county registrar office. The lien remains on record permanently so that once the home is transferred; the debt is satisfied out of the sale proceeds.  Albuquerque Business Law has experience in all aspects of your construction needs.  There is no job to big or too small.  We’ve got you covered.

Construction defects can also be an issue.  If you have experienced a job that has not been completed, or is not up to standards according to your contact, Albuquerque Business Law can help you sort through the legalities to get the job done right.

Don’t let yourself get in a jam.  Be proactive before you start you construction project.  Hiring a qualified construction attorney at Albuquerque Business Law can give you the confidence you need to complete a successful project, and protect your interests.

Real estate & construction law

When deciding to enter a construction project one must have property in which to build.  Real Estate Law is also a fundamental aspect of Construction Law that must not be overlooked.  Albuquerque Business Law is well versed in this area as well, and is here to guide you through the necessary steps to protect yourself, and your project.

Foreclosure has hit the United States like an uncontrolled wildfire.  Be prepared, and understand your rights if you are facing foreclosure.  Albuquerque Business Law can assist you in deciding whether or not foreclosure is for you.  As many American’s face this huge burden, we are here to make this widespread issue as painless as possible.  We will access your individual situation and find the solution that best fits YOUR needs.

The bottom line

With any construction project there can be a multitude of legal issues to contend with.  As the increasing amount of public awareness and government commitment to a cleaner, safer environment continues to grow, companies are becoming more and more aware of their potential corporate liability.  This is why it is essential to have a construction law attorney.  Construction professionals are increasingly exposed to risk deriving from legal responsibility for environmental harm.  To assess the levels of exposure to this risk, those involved in the property need to understand construction law and the impact of environmental issues.  At Albuquerque Business Law, we understand the impact of environmental issues, and can help you address these issues before you face litigation.