Forming a Corporation?

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We do more than file the right papers to form a corporation on your behalf. The expert business planners and attorneys at Albuquerque Business Law help you understand the structures, strictures and best practices that make all the difference today—and tomorrow.

What are the advantages of being a corporation?

Corporations are the most popular and successful business structures ever invented. Why? They offer more ways to raise money and greater protections that other business types can’t match.

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What are the disadvantages of being a corporation?

Incorporation isn’t for everyone. If the wrong type of business incorporates without weighing all the pros and cons, it can be a competitive hindrance, hassle or even a financial disaster.

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Should you form an S or C Corporation?

Both S and C corporations share many similar qualities. But there are some major distinctions when it comes to ownership and taxation.

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Which state should you incorporate in?

Since the cost, taxation and corporate laws vary around the country, some states present better opportunities for starting a business.

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Forming an LLC

LLCs are one the most popular business structures today because they strike a nice balance between a corporation and a general partnership. While it offers some of the protections that corporations enjoy, LLCs enjoy greater management flexibility and taxation advantages.

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LLC or Corporation? Which is right for me?

Today, many business startups are asking that same question: Should we form an limited liability company or should we incorporate? Both have their strengths and weaknesses.

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