Intellectual Property Protection

Intellectual property, or IP, is property that essentially comes from the mind.  It is a catch-all phrase that encompasses patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets.

For each of the Intellectual Property types, with the exception of trade secrets, you are given a bundle of rights in exchange for registering your IP with the government.  Thus, you essentially have a monopoly and can prevent others from using your mark if it’s a trademark; using, selling, making, or distributing your patented invention; or using your copyrighted material.


Don’t let your ideas go unprotected.  Albuquerque Business Law can patent your invention thus securing your right to prevent others from making, using, selling, or distributing the product.  If you’re starting a business, or you just have an idea of a new product, let us determine whether you need or are able to obtain patent protection.  Before we file your patent, we will perform a due diligence study in order to see what other inventions are already out there and whether it’s feasible to pursue a patent.  Contact us and we will discuss the necessary steps to insure nobody has the right to steal your invention.

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Every business and product needs a trademark.  Trademarks are how we distinguish products in the marketplace.  By getting a trademark you are able to prevent others from using your mark, thus strengthening your brand name.  Contact us and let us explain why you need a trademark and let us file the necessary paperwork and obtain that mark for you.  We do both state and federal filings.

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Copyrights apply to the expression of ideas.  You can copyright books, movies, computer codes, etc.  Come in today to see if you need a copyright.  In addition to registering your copyright, we also provide counseling regarding licensing, policing, and enforcement of your copyright rights.

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Trade Secrets

Trade secrets, unlike patents, are never registered or disclosed.  Because you don’t register a trade secret, you have the ability to keep the invention out of the public domain forever, unlike patents that usually only last 20 years.  The Coca-Cola formula is the most well-known example of a trade secret.  Let us work with you in order to establish appropriate procedures to secure your confidential information and minimize the risk of inappropriate disclosures of your trade secret.

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