Foreclosure Litigation and Defense

One can hardly go a day without hearing about the foreclosure crisis in this country.   If you’re reading this page of our website, chances are you are either caught up in a foreclosure yourself, or you are concerned that you may soon be caught up.

You may have missed a few payments, and now you’re concerned about losing your home or unable to get any coherent information whatsoever out of your lender.   You’ve probably spent hours on the phone with your lender only to experience a rather chaotic experience.   Your lender may have employed an army of clueless phone representatives who claim that you have not sent in requested paperwork or perhaps they claim to have lost critical paperwork.   Perhaps you feel like you’re floating in an abyss and unable to do anything about it.

Don’t despair!   There is a lot our office can do about your situation.   You have rights and there are many viable defenses to a foreclosure action. You are entitled to know and we will ask the basis for your lender’s calculations.  We will assert your right to have your lender prove to a Court that they actually own your note and that you missed payments.  Often by carefully asserting these claims on your behalf, we can work with the lenders to either reinstate your mortgage if possible, or we can work with you to submit a loan modification request.  There may even be situations where the lender has violated federal or state law and we can highlight these violations to your advantage.  If all else fails, we may even be able to assert your rights under the bankruptcy code to preserve the home and ease your overall debt burden.

Don’t be fooled by foreclosure scams

Remember that the foreclosure process is a legal proceeding and that only an attorney can effectively, or in some cases legally, represent you with a lender or in a filed Court case.   There are countless scams involving companies who claim to be “representing” clients to negotiate with a lender, when in fact they never do anything beyond taking that initial down payment while you think somebody is negotiating on your behalf.   So they actually make your situation worse.

Call us or click today to find out what your options are.   You can call the number at the top of the screen or just shoot us an email with the easy-to-use box below.   The sooner you take action, the more options you will have and the better they will be, so don’t delay.